The Nuts and Bolts of It - Part Duex

 Well well well look whose back...

I have to start off by saying this is the second time I've had to write this up because I somehow managed to lose the first one and can not find it anywhere....I didn't think it was possible to lose work electronically anymore (shakes fist at cloud) but its gone and now I have to start all over again - Yay because I love doing things twice due to incompetence (I have a feeling this post will come across as a little darker and angrier than the first - but I will try and reign it in)

-Pauses to press save- 

What went right this week: I signed up for the Rocket Plan to get some help with the marketing and growth for the business - Did I umm and ahh and stress over the price....hell yes...I have never spent this much on a part of the business that isn't something that I can sew into a product so it is a little unnerving but so far it has been a great place to meet other business owners which is hard in these covid times

-Pauses to save and try and remember all that witty content she lost-

What went wrong this week: Well apart from the whole losing blog thing - I also posted a pic on instagram here that basically said - here is how you can help small business without having to spend any money...then proceeded to ignore said advice and post it without tagging/crediting or following the content originator - what a dickhead. 

What I am reading this week: Ant Middleton's Fear Bubble ...tbh I read this because I am watching Celebrity SAS, and while I did like the basic concept of trying to move the fear to its rightful place and just get shit done..the only thing I would say I really got from it is I have no desire to ever climb Mount Everest. 

What I have learnt this week: This whole this is going to take time like a lot of time and navigating sustainability and ethical ideals while maintaining a fair price point and not compromising on design is actually an absolute nightmare and there is ALOT to learn (shout out to the wonderful world of natural dyes I was exposed to this week) but all I have really learnt is if I don't have a structured plan of what I need to get done during the week - things spiral...and quickly

What sustainable/ethical practice have I started: Reusable Wraps - I have started to experiment with these and have found a great local beekeeper Ben's Bees ...just playing with the right combo of wax, oil and resin to get a great product that I hope to have out December 8. I have found using reusable wraps with bees wax really good for picnics and will be super handy over the Christmas and Summer period.

What I am grateful for: The easing of restrictions in Melbourne. Now we can have 15 people at our house. A lot of my social life is having a couple of friends over for a few drinks some food and some really stupid shit talk.  You just don't get those eye watering, pee inducing big belly laughs on a zoom call. 

Quote of the week: 'If you can't be good be fabulous' - My Dad

Song of the week: Aint Nobody - Chaka Khan (song of the century if I'm being honest)

Till next we meet - have a great week 


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