The Nuts and Bolts of it - New Year Who Dis?

Hi and welcome back

Its a new year and not too put too much pressure on 2021 but 2020 really dropped the ball and we are putting all our eggs in your basket...what could possibly go wrong. You may have noticed (I know you didn't because I know no-one reads these) but I have been away for 2 weeks. I took some time off and stepped back from everything because well - why not - what is the point of having a business if I cant decide to take two weeks off on a whim...very anti-hustle I know, Kevin Hart would be furious with me.

Anyway I am back and cautiously optimistic about the new year - who knows what this year will hold for everyone but I am just going to keep working away, creating more and more sustainable products and gulp - clothing comes out this year (end of March)

What went right this week

 Bees Wax bags are finally here - woohoo. Now I know you can get bees wax wraps anywhere right but these are a little different - we have sandwich bags in a few sizes Check them out here...plain wraps and a few others will be available during the week

 What went wrong this week

Recovering from a New Years Eve Party...this took a few days and so first lesson of 2021 is blow out parties are hella fun but the toll it is doing to my body now is just a massive price to of those horrible cliches 'Im never drinking again' has been on repeat in my head and so I will be spending at least all of January rehydrating and staying away from the sauce. Building a business is very time consuming (who knew right?...everyone) and I am taking on more work at my other paid gig, so I just don't have the time to lay on the couch and watch two season of Dream Makeover until I don't feel like dying anymore...I will miss you old friend.

What I am reading this week

The Up Side of Down by Megan McArdle  - now I have to be honest I have not finished this and I dont know if I intend to - I am about half way through and while I didn't mind it to begin with, I found it kind of went off the rails, I guess the premise is that people fail and thats ok and in-fact failing can lead to greater things (I have failed to finish this book and can say I am probably better for it) But there is a heap of irrelevant stuff in the book that is more about her life and highlighted the way that you are free to fail if you are a middle class white person in America...I dont know if this is practical information for most people who dont have the luxury of sitting around playing video games when they lose their job - or can run back to their own apartment which they just held on to when their boyfriend dumps them. I seems to open up a whole other conversation about the ease that some people seem to fail up in life..maybe it got better towards the end but I will never know, because i just got Mariah Careys book so soz Megan.

What I have learnt this week

I should have bought bitcoin last year!   

 What sustainable/ethical practice have I started

Yeah I got nothing...just growing my veggies trying to use reusable containers where I can and just the regular stuff that everyone should be doing at the bare minimum...I need to up my game

What I am grateful for

That I am currently in a country that has very low Covid numbers. With the rise of the 2nd/3rd/20th wave in a lot of places the numbers in some countries just seem insurmountable at this point. I am happy that with an entire family who are high risk that we have this under control and it looks like we will be able to stay stable until a vaccine is readily available. 

 Quote of the week

”What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”  - Anne Frank 

 Song of the week 

New Attitude - Patti LaBelle

Not only is this song great to pretend you are in a makeover montage in any 80's movie, its also a reminder to reset that attitude for 2021 

Till next we meet - have a great week 


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