The Nuts and Bolts of It - Edition 5

Hi and welcome back


What went right this week

Market stall - Held my first market stall at Fitzroy Markets with my samples to get a feel for what real life humans actually think of my products, made some sweet sales - worked out what products and patterns people tended to be drawn towards and met some lovely stall holders, got invited to other markets and collectives so it was a super positive experience. It was great to just be outside people watching again (not in a creepy way) I also learnt what my brand needs to bring out more and what people are drawn towards the most - humour and patterns...

 What went wrong this week

The beeswax wrap launch! - It didn't happen. I fussed around and over thought the whole thing and ended up not getting it done. So this week they are my focus. What I did learn is that my levels or procrastination have a direct correlation to how unsure I am about a project (this is probably a duh to most people) so being unsure led to complete lack of input. I need to get over that and quickly.

What I am reading this week

Inside Out by Demi More  - Does this have anything to do with business or sustainability? Not at all - Did I devour this book in one sitting and enjoy every minute of it? 100%. I knew very little about Demi Moore - I knew she was once married to Bruce, had a couple of kids with unusual names and that I loved her in St Elmo's Fire. But holy shit she has been through some stuff - it was a thoroughly interesting read  

What I have learnt this week

Never try and sell stuff that isn't up to scratch - When I was at the market I had a bunch of eye mask samples to sell - I didn't quality check them and some that were sitting on the table were not my finest work...I noticed half way through when I had a potential buyer take it to have a look and noticed the shoddy workmanship straight away - I knew it, she knew it and I said nothing - I should have apologised and given her a better option instead I lost a sale and she now thinks my products are not up to scratch...Quality check always

 What sustainable/ethical practice have I started

To be honest - nothing new this week. I purchased some things from local shops and Australian small businesses but this week there wasn't a real change of habit that is moving me towards being more sustainable. I think I need a life plan to take stock of all the things I do during my normal day that I can change little by little to move towards a more sustainable life.

What I am grateful for

My sister - She helped me out this week at the markets even though she rocked in the night before at 2am from a drag show...and I made her get up at 8 to pack the car...what a champ. She is a customer service queen - no one can sell shit better than her. This skill is something that I admire and aspire to have.

 Quote of the week

If you’re paying attention to your life at all, the things you are passionate about won’t leave you alone.

- Ryan Babineaux in Fail Fast Fail Often-

 Song of the week

 Cream by Prince 

If you ever want to learn how to enter a room and have everyone pay attention...practice this strut at the start of this video clip.


Till next we meet - have a great week 


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