The Nuts and Bolts of it - Edition 4

Hi and welcome back

If you are new here - welcome you can go back and check out my old blog posts here...but basically it is just a weekly summary of things I am learning trying to be a small sustainable company and also any news on new products that are coming out or things of interest. So lets get to it shall we...

This week I am launching bees wax wraps!!! I am going to pop them up on the site Friday the 11th of Dec. They were meant to go live this Tuesday but I ran out of time and was sick over a few days so everything has been pushed back. But if you are one of our lovely subscribers (just click the little envelope icon on the bottom left hand of the screen) you will get a quick short email about when these are finally live on the site.

What went right this week

Getting some great feedback on the quality of my products which is just the best. I want to create quality products at a reasonable price that last so when I get feedback regarding the quality it is always great.

 What went wrong this week

 Motivation...this past week was a slog and it wasn't due to the insane amount of shit I have to do (because I ain't done all of it yet), it just wasn't a super productive week I actually felt like I was dragging around concrete shoes and my motivation drained right out of me when I got sick at the end of the week it was super annoying and frustrating and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and feel sorry for myself - so I did that Saturday...probably not the best way to get out of this blah but it seems to have done the trick and I am back in the swing of things again.  

What I am reading this week

I am actually still finishing Glimpses of Utopia this week which I mentioned on the blog a few weeks ago but the book I read just before that was Cult Status by Tim Duggan. What I liked is that it gives me hope that the companies that seem to be doing well are ones that are founded on great ethics where money is not the main and only factor...maybe it is a little naive but it could also be the start of a turning point where consumers are wising up to the fact that products need to be beautiful inside and out

What I have learnt this week

I was wrong about Brand Identity (what a shock!) I let my ego sit squarely in the middle thinking that my own identity and my company identity is the same thing because its just me - wrong wrong wrong...This little beast needs to be separate and I need to stop thinking 'oh thats not 100% who I am' because its not me - our core values are the same but for sanity sake they need to stay separate. Big lesson 

 What sustainable/ethical practice have I started

Seedling garden with old plastic 1.25L big idea is I have cut them all up to start a self watering seedling garden because I am terrible at remembering the water plants and I need to really start watching the amount of rubbish I am throwing out..will post pics of the garden in a few weeks if anything should sprout (or it will be a row of plastic bottles with dirt in them...stay tuned)

What I am grateful for

My love of seems bonkers to me that some people are ambivalent to music (one of my best mates is like ' nah its whatever I don't really listen to music!!!) Whatever your taste pick a song right now, get up and have a will always make you feel better

 Quote of the week

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can - Arthur Ashe 

 Song of the week

Outside by George Michael. (this is a great one for a dance)



Till next we meet - have a great week 


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